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As time is flying lately I’m already at 28 weeks !!! (+ 1 day 😉 ). And yes, again with a week delay I’m finally posting a new pregnancy update today.
Unfortunately my urine test results were no good…again. So my doctor wants me to see a diabetologist as he still thinks I have gestational diabetes 🙁
Best part of these 2 weeks: We bought the stroller (yesterday) and the furniture for the baby’s room (last week)! I’m so happy with it all!! Can’t wait to hold our little boy and see him lying in his own beautiful room and stroller 🙂

How far along? 28 weeks and 1 days
How many echoes until now? 7 (week 7, week 10, week 12,5, week 15,5, week 17,5, week 19,5, week 23,5)
Expected date of delivery? October 24
Total weight gain? still 6 kilo / 13,2 pounds
Gender? Boy
Name? we still got our 2 favorites but no name picked…
Belly button in/out? In 😀
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep? Sleeping well!
Typical pregnancy symptoms? I’ve always had the best memory but I keep forgetting things now. People blame the pregnancy and so do I 😉
Maternity clothes? for sure!
Food cravings? No special cravings…just love to eat!
How to keep fit? Most of the days walking. Last Sunday 60 laps of swimming and since the indoor pool is closed in August, today 30 laps in an outdoor pool at the lake!
Baby’s room? We’ve bought the baby’s bed, closet and changing table!! So happy.. We have also started to put it together. We will probably finish it Friday!
Baby’s gifts? A manicure set (0+) from friends, my friend from the Netherlands send me a Nijntje book and I bought a cute little hat.
Surprises during pregnancy? Maybe I do have gestational diabetes… Tomorrow I have an appointment with a diabetologist. How enjoying! Sigh….
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