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I know I promised a post about my trip to the States and obviously what I ate there, and I will post it next time…for real!, but I just wanted to share this very easy delicious recipe with you first.
In Italy it is extremely hot these days…or better to say from the day I got back. The temperature is going up to almost 40ºC!! At work the airco is not working after 1pm and in the train back it’s not working either most of the time. So when I’m finally at home an ice cream popsicle is just perfect to cool down.
Even though I love to eat some ice cream from the gelateria once every now and then, it obviously better to make it yourself. At least you know exactly what you use for ingredients, right?! And as I need to make sure I eat healthy (most of the time) for the little boy growing inside of me, this recipe is just perfect:
Yoghurt Fruit Popsicles!! You can use any type of fruit you like. So you can also change it every time you make it. And you can prepare it in 5 minutes! This recipe is an absolute winner during these hot summer days!

Yoghurt Fruit Popsicles
makes 4
100 g // 4 oz plain fat free yoghurt
1 peach
3 apricots

Wash the peach and apricots and peel them. Cut them in small pieces and keep a small hand of pieces of apricot and peach aside. The rest you put in a blender and you add the yoghurt. Blend well. Divide it over 4 popsicle molds and add the pieces of fruit in each mold. Put in the freezer over night.
The next day you can enjoy these tasteful, healthy popsicles! Also perfect for children!

Happy summer! ♥
Homemade Ice Cream Popsicle

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