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4 Weeks have passed! When I’m on holiday I never update my blog: it’s a personal rule I have and I’m happily sticking to that. For that reason I haven’t been blogging these last few weeks. Instead I was enjoying some time off in the States!! I’ve spent 3 weeks in California, Nevada and Utah. And I’ve seen sooooo many gorgeous places and had sooooo many wonderful new experiences! In my next 2 regular updates (starting tomorrow) you will find out more about my trip, the food in the USA and an extraordinary, fabulous experience: being a guest on a radio show in Hollywood talking Italian food!! Wow!!!
Best part of these past 4 weeks: an ultrasound at 19,5 weeks where we could see our little wonder again! He’s grown perfectly!! Our holiday in the States and feeling him both and seeing him move! It’s just a miracle ♥

How far along? 23 weeks and 2 days
How many echoes until now? 6 (week 7, week 10, week 12,5, week 15,5, week 17,5, week 19,5)
Expected date of delivery? October 24
Total weight gain? 5 kilo / 11 pounds
Gender? Boy
Name? Still nothing…our trip to the USA didn’t help to choose a name!
Belly button in/out? In 🙂
Stretch marks? not even one!
Sleep? I’m sleeping perfectly fine, also on my back. It was definitely the fall.
Typical pregnancy symptoms? Still nothing. Feeling great!
Maternity clothes? only maternity clothes…
Food cravings? Nope, no cravings whatsoever.
How to keep fit? Walking A LOT and every day during our trip in the USA, a bicycle ride over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco and some swimming in Utah (pool and lake)
Baby’s movement? YES!!! Every day I can feel him move and also Luca when he puts his hand on my belly. We even saw him move. What a fabulous and exciting experience. It was the first night in San Francisco when we both felt and saw him.
Baby’s room? We are soon starting to think about it.
Baby’s gifts? I’m completely spoiled during a fantastic and real American Baby Shower when we were in the States…what an wonderful surprise that was!!
Surprises during pregnancy? I don’t have gestational diabetes!!! Hooray!! I found out 2 days before leaving to the States, so great news to start our trip 😀

Photo 1: week 20 + 2 days
Photo 2: week 21 + 1 day
Photo 3: week 22
Pregnancy week 20Pregnancy week 21Pregnancy week 22
Photo 4: week 23
Pregnancy week 23

2 thoughts on “PREGNANCY – WEEK BY WEEK #23”

  1. I was listening in Southern California the day you were a guest on the Los Angeles radio show and now I’ve subscribed to your blog! I am of Polish ancestry and married to a Sicilian (both of us born here in the United States), so feel like I share the love of simple, beautiful tasting Italian food with you! I am glad you had a great time visiting here, looking forward to more posts.

    1. Hi Kay, how nice to hear that you have subscribed to my blog after hearing me on The Fork Report :D! Very much appreciated!
      I can immagine that with an Italian husband you are very familiar with the tasty delights from Italy. Are you often visiting Sicily or other parts in Italy?
      I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my recipes…this weekend my blog is still about the trip to California but after that a new recipe will come up very soon!!
      Ciao, Letizia

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