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The sun is shining and it’s really hot these days in Italy! Today we reached 30ºC!! So this is the perfect weather for picnics outside in the park or in the mountains. Just some tasty food, fresh fruit drink, sun and good company is all you need. Who doesn’t love picnics? I certainly do 🙂
So this summer you will find some ideas what to bring to have an Italian picnic. For the months June it’s going to be some delicious cold piadina rolls. Piadina is very similar to a (big) tortilla wrap, so if you can’t find a piadina in the supermarket or even Italian deli store, you can also use wraps. But if you do have the option to go for a piadina, go for it!
I eat piadinas practically on a weekly base as it is simple to prepare and really good. And the fun part is you can eat it differently every time. Just change the ingredients. It’s even delicious both warm and cold. But for a picnic it’s best to eat it cold. Today I give you 2 combinations I love the most (one is even perfect for vegetarians!). And of course both options are pregnant proof 😉

Cold Piadina Rolls
serves 2

4 piadina
2 zucchini
100 g // 1/2 cup robiola cheese (or any other cream cheese)
2 handfuls rocket
4 slices ham

Cut the zucchini in thin slices and grill them (I used a grill pan). Let it cool down for 5 minutes.
Spread on every piadina a layer of robiola cheese.
Option 1: (vegetarian) Take 2 piadinas. Place some slices of grilled zucchini on top of the cream cheese and add a bit of rocket. Wrap it up and cut in half.
Option 2: Take 2 piadinas. Place some slices of grilled zucchini on top of the cream cheese and add 2 slices of ham on each piadina. Wrap it up and cut in half.

I love to drink some fresh fruit juice that you can make at home in advance and is ready in no-time. As it is still strawberry season here in Italy I made a very simple Fresh Strawberry Juice. Just use as much strawberries as you like. Add juice of half a lemon and 1 lt of water and put everything in the blender and blend well. Ready it is.

So easy, so tasty! Happy summer picnic!! ♥
cold piadina rolls


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