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I promised an update on my pregnancy from week 16…and that’s today! Wow, already 16 weeks!
From this week I will give you a weekly update in Pregnancy – Week by Week! I will make a photo so you can see me grow 😉 and I will answer some questions. If you are curious and have a question for me, just let me know in the comments.
Best part of this week: we got to know the gender of our baby!!!!
Hope you enjoy these new updates ♥

How far along? 16 weeks
How many echoes until now? 4 (week 7, week 10, week 12,5 and week 15,5)
Expected date of delivery? October 24
Total weight gain? 2 kilo / 4.4 pounds
Gender? it’s a…. BOY!!!
Name? we wanted to wait until we know the gender…so from now we can start thinking about it!
Belly button in/out? in (…for now!)
Stretch marks? nope (I use the “Remederm” body cream from Louis Widmar)
Sleep? I sleep very well, just a bit more than I was used to. The first 3 months I’ve slept sooooo much though!!
Typical pregnancy symptoms? Very tired the first 3 months. No typical symptoms at the moment.
Maternity clothes? No, still wear my normal clothes.
Food cravings? No special cravings at the moment. Just love to eat as always!
How to keep fit? Walking (every day) and swimming (on Sunday – 70 laps).
Baby’s movement? Not that I can feel, but it seems our baby is moving ALL the time (as we saw on the echoes).
Baby’s room? Not even started yet. I have time…
Baby’s first gift? A super cute cuddly toy (given by my parents).
Surprises during pregnancy? They have discovered Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). Thank god they tested me early in the pregnancy so it’s under control by a doctor and therefore there’s no risk. I do need to take the pills on a daily base, but that’s not a problem!
pregnant 16 weeks
Photo made with an iPhone..sorry 


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    1. How wonderful! And do you know the gender or will it remain a suprise until birth? Wishing all the best for the coming 12 weeks 😉 Enjoy it!!

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