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” Two Hearts, One Love…
…One Love, One Heart “

It’s been a month and a half that I haven’t been blogging. Simply because I haven’t had any energy to do so. All my energy was put in my full-time job, hours of traveling to get there ánd… to my little creature that’s growing inside of me! Words can’t describe how happy and excited I am to tell you that I’m exactly 13 weeks pregnant today and that I and little one are doing great! This means that I’ve been sooooo tired these past 3 months. I’ve really slept a lot these last weeks and I just couldn’t get myself to blogging. But, I’m slowly getting my energy back so from today I promise to have a new recipe online once a week just as before.
From week 16 I will (most likely) know the gender so from that week I will update you on my pregnancy once a week as well! Hope you will enjoy it!

Obviously I’m more cautious on what I’m eating now and unfortunately I can’t eat everything anymore. I need to eat healthy so of course I eat lots of fruit and vegetables to make sure I’m giving my little one the necessary vitamins to grow.
But, every now and then I really crave some chocolate, chips or cookies so badly. To not always eat the unhealthy stuff (yes, of course I do that sometimes…I’m human!) I love to find recipes that permits you to eat delicious sweet stuff without using butter or sugar or any other unhealthy ingredient. The blog Green Kitchen Stories is the perfect place to be for those kind of recipes and I adore their blog (and cookbook)! So these amazing good and healthy chocolate & spelt bars are inspired on their nut, quinoa & chocolate bars. I did change the ingredients a bit so also the texture is different but this recipe is inspired on theirs! And it’s so worth it!!

Healthy Chocolate & Spelt Bars (inspired/based on recipe of Green Kitchen Stories)
makes 20 bars

2 tbsp coconut oil
250 gr // 1 cup hazelnut corn malt cream * (you could also use any type of nut butter)
10 pitted dates
60 gr // 3/4 cup puffed spelt
1 tbsp grated coconut
a handful of hazelnuts, coarsely chopped

100 gr // 3,5 oz dark chocolate (60%)
a handful of pumpkin seeds

Mash the pitted dates with a fork. Heat the coconut oil on low heat. Add the dates and the hazelnut corn malt cream and stir well so it all comes together. Remove from the heat and add the puffed spelt, chopped hazelnuts and grated coconut. Mix well.
Line an 15 x 20 cm // 8 x 10 inch baking dish with parchment paper and scoop the batter into it. Use the palm of your hands or the back of a spoon to press everything together tightly.
Put in the fridge while melting the chocolate over a bain marie. Pour the melted chocolate over the bars and use a spatula to distribute it evenly. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.
I left it in the fridge overnight but I think next time I will store it in the freezer as I think it will keep its texture more.

Happy Healthy Snack! ♥
Healthy Chocolate & Spelt Bars



  1. I have not baked or cooked with spelt yet so intrigued to try your recipe. These little treats are healthy but sound so delicious at the same time. Pinning to recipes I want to make!

    1. Hi Bobbi! Oh you should as it’s the perfect combination: delicious and healthy 😉 They are extremely tasty!!!
      Thanks for pinning it! Have a lovely evening 🙂

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