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Hooray!!! I’m so happy that I wanted to share it with you. Not so long ago Jamie magazine NL was searching for new guest bloggers for their online site. I thought, well, I’ll just send them an email that I would love to be a guest blogger for a whole month for this amazing magazine and guess what? They’ve chosen me for the month January! I honestly didn’t see this one coming so I’m extremely proud and full of enthusiasm to start writing…just need to wait a little bit more 😉

Jamie Magazine NL

Ok, today a book review on Dutch goes Italian. I’ve noticed various hypes in the foodie-world. And I’m no big fan of hypes in all honesty. I prefer just good food, mostly healthy and once in a while something less healthy 😉 But obviously I hear and read about the hypes and one of them is the “green smoothies”. I guess all of you are more or less familiar with these healthy drinks. Even though in Italy most of the people have never heard of them… I wasn’t too enthusiastic about them in the beginning. Mostly because of the raw greens in it. But I thought to give it a try and my first green smoothie was one with pineapple, mixed salad leaves and water. Wow, this was one nice surprise that tasted for more!!! So I purchased the book 70 Green Smoothies (translated from Dutch) of the Dutch writer Marjolijn van der Velde to get inspired. A fabulous book not only because of the 70 delicious recipes. The first part of the book describes the positive effect of drinking of these healthy drinks! Besides tips are given for the cold winter months, for pregnant women and others who have special needs. Perfect and it made me want to start using the blender immediately. I’ve made quite a few smoothies in the mean time. Today I’m sharing my own creation inspired by the book!

70 Groene Smoothies
Sunny Smoothie
1 banana
1 peach
150 g salad (leaves)
water to taste

Cut the banana and peach in smaller pieces and put it in the blender together with the water and mix well. Now add the salad and mix well. If you want the smoothie to be more liquid, just add a bit more water.

Buon Smoothie ♥
Green Smoothie


  1. Wat ziet dat boek er gaaf uit!! Ja die hypes he… 🙂 Hahaha… Ik doe er soms ook graag aan mee. Altijd weer interessant om zelf te ondervinden wat er nou allemaal aan de hand is. De groene smoothie ontdekte ik dus ook pas vorige week of zo. En inderdaad verrassend lekker! Misschien moet ik dat boek ook maar eens aanschaffen. Aan de cover te zien staat het ook vol met mooie plaatjes…

    1. Hoi Barbara, leuk dat je mijn blog bezoekt!! Dank je voor de felicitaties, ben er ook echt heeeeeel blij mee :D!
      Ja… groene smoothies, ik snap je wel al moet ik bekennen dat ik ze echt lekker vind met groenten. Nou eet ik sowieso veel groenten en in de winter heel vaak gepureerd als een soort soep. Maar ach, “licht groene” smoothies zijn ook lekker 😉

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