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Today a peek in the culinary heaven that is called Marrakech (Morocco)! We just came back from a 4 day trip to this magical city. Wow, how many impressions in such a short period of time… Chaos, warm, food, sun, color, hospitality are a few words that would perfectly describe the city of Marrakech. We stayed in the old city which is called the medina and that was an excellent choice. Some people may prefer the newer part outside the medina, but you don’t get the real atmosphere there…the souks, the overly crowded main square Jamaa El Fna, it’s thousands colours, smells of freshly made food everywhere. It’s absolutely something else!
In the evening the main square Jamaa El Fna is transformed into a culinary show. Everywhere you look there are food stalls and you can’t walk alongside them without being asked to come and taste their fabulous prepared dishes: tajinecouscous, brochette with grilled meat and vegetables, etc. And it’s all finger lickin’ good!! I will show you some photo’s of this coming Monday in “Delicious food in… Marrakech ♥ #2”!!

During our stay we decided to get to know more about the Moroccan cuisine as it is an important part of the people’s lives in Morocco! In Morocco food is symbol for sharing and harmony, and I think that says it all…
So I guess you need to learn more about their cuisine to understand the way of living better. And let’s be honest, it’s no punishment at all to spend a morning learning and talking about food, making it and…eating it!!

La Maison Arabe
was the very first restaurant in Marrakech founded in 1946. Some years ago they decided to give cooking class to tourists. Yes, only for tourists because Moroccan women don’t attend classes to learn how to cook. The secrets of the Moroccan delights are learned from grandmother to mother to daughter and that’s still how it is nowadays! And yes, it’s almost only women who cook, at home, in restaurants, hotels, everywhere. You will see men cooking on the main square in the evening, but in 99% of the cases it’s women who do the cooking in Morocco!
The cooking class is such a recommendation when you visit Marrakech. It’s very well organized, the dada (it’s how women were called who were looking after the children, but nowadays it’s a chef!) is so enthusiastic in what’s she’s doing that it’s contagious, it’s absolutely interesting and it’s so much fun!
The class starts at 10am sharp. First the dada explains a bit about the Moroccan cuisine in general. Then she explains the various herbs and species. The most interesting thing was that in Morocco they don’t use rosemary in their cooking but only to prepare medicines or in tea. Not like in Italy I would say…
After this you get to see how the Moroccan bread is made. And that’s nice as you eat a lot of bread in Morocco. In the morning for breakfast, and it’s always served aside for lunch and dinner. And the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning wandering around the medina is heavenly!! Seems a bit like making a pizza by the way…
Moroccan bread in the making:

When you have tasted this yummy bread you attend a Moroccan tea ceremony. They first put some (green) tea in the teapot and they add 1 cup of boiling water. After a minute they pour it into a glass. This contains the full flavor as it’s the waters first contact with the tea leaves. You won’t pour as much liquid out as you poured in as the tea leaves will absorb a bit of the water. Then you pour it back in the teapot and add more water and fresh mint. You now put the teapot on the stove until boiling. You then pour the tea in the glass and pour it back in the pot. You repeat this a few times before actually drinking it. They normally also add quite a bit of sugar, so it’s really sweet mint tea. We got to choose if we wanted the tea with or without sugar…
Moroccan tea ceremony:
moroccan tea ceremonymoroccan tea ceremony
moroccan tea ceremony
And all of this was only to get you warmed up and all excited to start cooking! You all have your own little (kitchen) unit to make your lunch for that day. In front of you you have a big screen so all can see exactly what the dada is doing. I was automatically watching her instead of the screen, but she’ll repeat it a few times, so you don’t forget you even have the screen. It’s so much easier to understand the steps to take if you watch the screen…of course!! We made a Zalouk Salad, with eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, parsley and species like cumin and sweet paprika. Sooooo good!!! And we also made three types of Briwat; with vegetables, ground meat and goat cheese. Absolutely exquisite!! The dada together with her helpers, will check if all is going well during the cooking. And they will sing and even dance during the cooking, it’s so much fun!! And once the cooking is done, you will have your own prepared lunch outside in the garden.. You even get a certificate of participation, the recipes of what you cooked and a traditional tajine (pot). A perfect ending to a perfect cooking day!!
cooking class Marrakech
cooking class Marrakech
cooking class Marrakech
cooking class Marrakech
cooking class Marrakech
More info about the cooking class of La Maison Arabe on their website.

9 thoughts on “DELICIOUS FOOD IN… MARRAKECH ♥ #1”

    1. Hi, happy to have brought you back some nice memories from this beautiful city! Just curious, did you also preferred the medina? Who knows, we might get back there, we had such a wonderful time 😀

  1. Een typisch toeristenverhaal.
    Buiten de toeristengebieden is Marokko heel anders, en heel wat interessanter.
    Je moet dan wel tegen armoede kunnen.

    1. Dan moet de rest van Marokko wel helemaal fantastisch zijn want ik vond dit al geweldig! Tegen armoede kan ik wel aangezien ik een aantal maanden in de armste wijk in Accra – Ghana heb gewoond…dus ben wel wat gewend 😉

  2. This sounds like so much fun and being part of a cooking class lets you bring home the best memories! Did you take the coooking class at La Maison Arabe? If not, where did you take it? I’d like to write it down so I can remember if I ever go there. Thanks for sharing this incredible experience!

    1. Hi, yes I took the class at La Maison Arabe (at the end of the post I put a link to their site). As you said it was so much fun and made our stay at Marrakech unforgettable!! It’s nice to hear you liked to read about it and if you ever go there make sure you take the class 😉 Ciao 😀

    1. Oh it was indeed such a fun day. It was also my first time doing a cooking class but would love to do more in the future when traveling abroad! You learn so much also about the culture of the country. Absolutely wonderful!! 😀

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